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The new BreakTheChain.org forum was launched Sept. 17, 2008. Please update your bookmarks and use the new forum from now on. http://www.breakthechain.org/forum/ This forum will no longer be monitored.
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rebounded and (View)
Date: Dec 09, 10 10:54 PM

Didn't see that chain you just got in my collection? Submit it here and we'll put our collective minds at work to break it.
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Refugee Resettlement (View)
Date: Aug 30, 10 8:15 AM

Love something about the site? Hate it? Come on, tell me. I can take it.
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Date: Dec 12, 11 11:09 PM

Lots of people e-mail me their opinions about this site or about chain letters. It seems a waste to let them go unheard, so, from time to time, I'll post some of the more poignant ones here - anonymously, of course.
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Date: Aug 08, 08 11:46 PM


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